Penistone Community Church

We meet at 3:30 on Sunday afternoons at the Springvale Methodist Church

Come and join us on Sunday afternoons. Everyone is welcome.

We meet at 3:30. Our service begins with worship; through contemporary and traditional songs.

After the service, we enjoy good coffee and tea, (ok, we confess to having cake and biscuits too!)  with time for everyone to chat and get to know new members better.

We are a great mixture of young families, single people and older adults. Children and young people are not just our future, they are an important part of our church today

The young people have their own home group, and there is a youth worship team.

Our three priorities are:

  • Reaching up: to worship God,
  • Reaching out: to take the Good News about Jesus to everyone who is willing to hear
  • Reaching in: to care for each other as a family

We hope you will join us in our worship, through song, prayer and hearing God’s word. If you would like to know more about us, or more importantly, more about God, then please come and talk to us.

We are a non-denominational church. We are a member of the GroundLevel network of churches

For a clear explanation of what we believe, please click on the ‘Statement of Faith’ in the bottom right-hand corner. We are Christians who share the beliefs of mainstream Christian denominations.

To discover what we expect of each other, click on ‘Membership’ next to our Statement of Faith.

Our website is undergoing development, and we will have something better for you in the near future. Our sermons are recorded and available as podcasts. The link will be here as soon as I have worked out how to do it.

In in the meantime, if you would like to contact us please email

or follow us on Twitter @PenCommChurch

Even better, come and join us!