Children’s work

Children are a vibrant part of our services. During our worship, we encourage even the youngest children to take part. We have instruments they can play (parents: please help them learn to stay in time with the music!) We have an area set up for the children to learn to worship.

We are happy to have children in our services, and we expect little ones to cry and gurgle. But if your little one is screaming his or hear head off, it might be a good idea to step into the hall where you can comfort them, get them a drink or whatever is needed to settle them. Sometimes our older members find it difficult to focus on God when there is too much wailing!

We we do expect parents to continue to take responsibility for their children during the service.

After the worship time, (and the inevitable notices) the children can go out into their groups.

Creche – is for babies and children up to 3 years old.  They have a fun time playing and are introduced to God’s love through Bible stories, prayer, songs, games and craft.

Sunday School – is for children from 3 years upwards. They get to find out more about how God wants a relationship with them through exploring the Bible, doing drama, craft activities and prayer.

Youth House Group – is for teenagers to explore more about what having a faith in God means. They meet twice a month on Monday evenings and during the service the other two weeks.