We welcome into membership all who are willing to subscribe to the commitments below:

      1. We accept and proclaim the statement of faith*
      2. We are committed to the baptism of believers as an outward and visible sign of our identifying with Jesus in his death and resurrection to new life
      3. We commit ourselves to the life of the fellowship, in particular:
        1. To be part of the body, by meeting together faithfully, according to scripture. We commit to meeting for worship, for fellowship and for prayer
        2. To growing in God, taking every opportunity to learn from the teaching and study of God’s word, and being diligent in private prayer and Bible study. We eagerly desire the gifts and the fruit of the Spirit
        3. To unity, being concerned with the welfare of all in our church. We will love one another, for by doing so everyone will know that we belong to Jesus.
        4. We also commit to holding back from gossip, complaining, unkindness and any other cause of division amongst us
        5. To sacrificial giving of time and money to support God’s work within the fellowship and in the wider church
        6. To the authority of the leaders whom God has raised up to serve Him in the fellowship
        7. To serving others by seeking and developing ministry within the fellowship or the wider church, according to the gifts of God and the encouragement of the leaders
      4. We commit ourselves to seeking and serving the purposes of God: in the fellowship, then in Penistone and the surrounding area, and to the ends of the earth

In committing ourselves to these principles, we acknowledge that those in leadership have committed themselves to the same, and to serving the members with all their hearts; seeking God’s blessing, direction and purpose for each member and for the fellowship as a whole and as part of the universal body of Christ.