We are a member church of the GroundLevel network of churches

This is a network of new churches who choose to be independent, but are in partnership for support, leadership training and governance.


We gather with over 5,000 other Christians at The One Event, the network’s annual festival of worship, teaching and fellowship. It is held over the August bank holiday weekend at the Lincolnshire county showground.

Some of our members run the Money Course designed by the charity ‘Christians against poverty (CAP)”. This is intended to help people plan their finances better, whether they be comfortable, but wanting to be better stewards of what God has given, or in difficulty, and wanting to get control on their situation. It is bible-based, and introduces people to the accountability which is found in the bible. It aims to introduce people to Jesus.

We support a number of external organisations

Adopt-a-child is part of the Living Waters ministry. It provides food and healthcare to children in the poorest parts of Albania and Guatemala. They also get dental care and education, and are introduced to the Good News of Jesus. Many members sponsor ne or more children. Their motto is “Changing the world, one child at a time”.

We support Betel, an international drug and alcohol rehabilitation program with bases in Spain, Russia and the Czech Republic as well as the UK. It provides residential care and is supported by the efforts of the residents, often in restoring and selling furniture, as well as by gifts from others.